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The Third Virtual Exhibition of community experiences for the TEJ, has been so far the version with the highest participation of the three exhibitions, with a total of 38 proposals registered from 6 countries in Latin America, among which, in addition to Colombia, we find Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Dominican Republic and the border area of Haiti, applying for the first time.

This version has other aspects to highlight. One of them is the presence of urban experiences, not only because there were 14 of the total, but above all because with them it is possible to see that territorial resistance also takes place in the cities. In this way, we can see that cities are aware of the impact of their consumption and dependence on rural areas, without which they would not be able to supply basic needs such as food and water, which we extract from the countryside without recognizing the impacts and energy implications. For this reason, several of the urban experiences that were proposed are based on actions to relocate activities and not continue to depend entirely on the countryside. This change of relationship leads to promoting processes of care for living spaces that have been disappearing with the disorderly and overwhelming growth of the urban, and attempts to break the disconnection we have about the origin of common goods such as energy and food, in addition to assuming responsibility for such fundamental issues as the generation and disposal of waste.

Another important element for the construction of what we understand as community energies for the TEJ, was to find the number of experiences that have emerged thanks to school spaces, social fabric or community work, which function as an organic base that thinks its own local needs, questions consumption, understands its environment and is configured through a purpose of common good, where food comes out again as a central aspect in the design objectives of each proposal.

There are projects with great advances that integrate diverse technologies and relationships around energy, which demonstrate that it is possible to respond to local needs and have a great community impact, while at the same time we find simpler projects in terms of infrastructure and scope with respect to the number of people benefited, but no less important in demonstrating that organizations, which historically have been hit by extractive projects and violence, can be self-sufficient, generate autonomy and build their good life without being fully dependent on external resources.

Below we invite you to see the four proposals that were highlighted in the third version of the Virtual Exhibition and, subsequently, all the initiatives registered in 2022.

The contents presented below were taken from the responses of the experiences registered; in some cases we edited the wording, but their main ideas are preserved, so that the contexts in which the experiences emerge and the challenges behind these implementations can be known. In addition, you can consult the materials and technical stakes that made its construction possible, as well as the description of some complications that occurred in its execution, together with the way its promoters found to overcome those obstacles.

Featured Experiences 2022

Below you will find the four proposals that were considered meritorious.
in this version and, subsequently, the totality of the initiatives registered.

You can then filter the experiences by selecting the type of technology you are interested in or search by keyword:

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