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What do I find in the TEJ experience map?

The map is geographically located on all the TEJ community experiences that have registered so far in the two versions of the exhibition and will be updated after each of its annual editions. The platform allows access to information through filters by type of technology (photovoltaic systems, community turbines, dehydrators, combined technologies, efficient stoves, among others), as well as by geographic location of the experiences. From there, it is possible to navigate to the description of each of these proposals and learn about the implementation contexts.

This map is a valuable tool for recognizing that there are real and concrete solutions to YET, which are of vital interest for thinking about the issue from the complex perspective that it requires. The purpose of this input is to contribute to the construction of analyses that address the multiple relationships that are woven around energy, in order to position and vindicate what is understood as fair in the transition debates.