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What is it about?

The virtual exhibition of community experiences of Just Energy Transition (TEJ) showcases initiatives and practices in alternative energy developed by social, urban and rural organizations in Latin America. The proposal, which began in 2020, has achieved two successful calls for proposals, in which it is evident how communities are making progress in generating alternatives to remain in their territories and face the impacts generated by the hegemonic development model.

Just energy transition and community energy

Community energies are a set of knowledge, practices and processes of change in the production and consumption of energy and food, which respect all forms of life on the planet and contribute to the mitigation of the climate crisis and the reconstruction of the social fabric. Community energies start by addressing the local self-sufficiency and generate new energy practices and uses They prevent waste and squandering, promote the decentralization of generation, address problems associated with water scarcity and pollution, deforestation, loss of soil fertility, contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and are an essential element to guarantee the sustainability of the environment. universal access to energy. Each proposal emerges from a local reality and responds to specific needs, whose operation is designed so as not to affect others. Community energies claim that the Just Energy Transition (TEJ) is possible and is already underway, led and built by social processes in various localities.


Map of experiences

This map shows the location of the community experiences of Just Energy Transition in Latin America, which participated in the virtual exhibition in previous years. Information can be consulted by location of the experience, transition area targeted and technologies used.







Fourth Exhibition 2023

The call to participate in the 4th Virtual Exhibition of Community Experiences for a Just Energy Transition (TEJ) is now open! This year, once again, we would like to extend the invitation to community experiences that, from their different territories, are carrying out proposals and initiatives that contribute to the Just Energy Transition. Specifically, we seek processes that promote the energy autonomy of peoples, food sovereignty, self-management of health, the care and defense of water, the optimization of mobility or transportation, the change of patterns of use and consumption, and in general, the establishment of  of other relationships with energy as a common good rather than a commodity. In this way, we seek to transform the relationship with nature itself.


Third Exhibition 2022

This edition has so far been the version with the highest participation of the three exhibitions, with a total of 38 proposals registered from 6 countries in Latin America, including Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Dominican Republic and the border area of Haiti, applying for the first time, in addition to Colombia. In this edition it is also important to highlight the presence of urban experiences, not only because there were 14 of the total, but above all because with them it is possible to see that territorial resistance and the construction of the TEJ can also take place in the cities.


Second Exhibition 2021

In the second version of the exhibition 20 experiences met the criteria as fair energy transition bets, TEJ. We confirm that the justness of the transition is not found or built in isolation but, on the contrary, it is essential to continue promoting more and more these scenarios of transformation and defense of the territory.


First Exhibition 2020

In this edition during 2020, 28 experiences that met the criteria to be understood as a TEJ proposal participated. Its characteristics exceeded initial expectations and broadened the vision of the potential of this project.

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