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The second Virtual Exhibition of Community Experiences for TEJ, with the participation of experiences from five Latin American countries, brought together a total of 20 alternative energy proposals.

Although on this occasion biodigestion or solar dehydration initiatives were also presented, one of the steps that were taken is that, since the terms of the call for proposals allowed the possibility of participating with technologies that are not necessarily in the energy categories already identified, more proposals were received that highlight other aspects or approaches in this regard, for example, experiences that emphasize how agroecology processes are also part of an alternative energy model, by conceiving food as the basic energy source for living beings; There were also those who presented profound reflections on the implications of energy management in the body in terms of improving living conditions and health in particular, while other organizations shared their experiences on alternative waste management, changes in the forms of mobility, ideas for reducing consumption, beekeeping, alternative use of recycled materials to build technologies, among others.

Several processes told us afterwards that they did not know that they could have participated with their experiences, because they had not included in their discussions this broader view of what energy implies. We hope that this year they will apply to be part of the exhibition, because this is, precisely, a space for dialogue in which we all learn and are inspired by processes that we did not imagine as part of the TEJ. These learnings are reflected in the current categories of the call, which we are adjusting year by year, as part of a deepening exercise in the way we understand and defend the Just Energy Transition.

In this version, the leading role of women in the TEJ was consolidated and, in addition, it was highlighted that the organizations are also striving to include children and young people in the implementation of community energies. 
Of the four experiences that in 2021 were recognized as meritorious at the Exhibition, the one of the Movement of users of biogas and other renewable energy sources in Cuba stands out.  The project demonstrated an important impact and incidence on public policies, as well as a scope of implementation of 7,000 biodigester units throughout the island, which have a great energy generation capacity to supply rural families and contribute to mitigate or reduce the production of greenhouse gases, in addition to demonstrating that it is possible to achieve autonomy from energy democratization processes.

The contents presented below were taken from the responses of the experiences registered; in some cases we edited the wording, but their main ideas are preserved, so that the contexts in which the experiences emerge and the challenges behind these implementations can be known. In addition, you can consult the materials and technical stakes that made its construction possible, as well as the description of some complications that occurred in its execution, together with the way its promoters found to overcome those obstacles.

Featured Experiences 2021

Below you will find the four proposals that were considered meritorious.
in that first version and, subsequently, all of the initiatives registered.

Country-Movimento dos atingidos por Barragens -MAB

Integrated and sustainable food production by capturing solar energy for irrigation.

You can then filter the experiences by selecting the type of technology you are interested in or search by keyword:

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